"Truth above all, though the heavens may fall!" -- Michael Rivero

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It has now been nearly 13 years since WikiLeaks published the video, and nearly 16 years since the attack took place. No one responsible for the attack or the invasion of Iraq has faced even a modicum of accountability.

In contrast, Assange is languishing in Belmarsh Prison under torturous conditions. He sits in legal limbo while the United States continues to pursue his extradition under Espionage Act charges, in a case which poses an unprecedented threat to press freedom.

Members of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine have revealed ‘a small number of violations’ of the laws of war by Ukrainian servicemen, the comission said in a statement released by the UN office in Vienna on Thursday.

Another video confirming the war crimes of Ukrainian Nazis was shared by Ukrainian military sources with celebrating messages.

The video confirms that a group of Ukrainian servicemen executed surrendering Russian soldiers who were laying with their faces down and hands behind their heads. Ukrainian Nazis took their weapons and shoot the disarmed Russian men.