"In 1960, the USSR accused the U.S. of running an aerial spying program over its territory. Our government denied it to the American people, only admitting it when confronted with the captured U-2 pilot Gary Powers. Americans were genuinely shocked that their government would lie to them. Today the lying has become so routine that people are no longer shocked. There can be no true democracy when government manipulates the people with spin, hype, propaganda, phony 'leaks,' and outright lies." -- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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Now, news is coming out that Trump met with an unexpected, yet well-known, former presidential candidate. And what they spoke about is getting the rumor mill churning.

From The Washington Post:
Former president Donald Trump and top advisers have spoken with former Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard about foreign policy and how the Defense Department should be run in a second Trump term, according to people familiar with the matter.

With the general election just a few months away, we should expect the Trump campaign to be revving up. The former president is building momentum and he is setting his sights on a big win in November.

He’s already hinted at his running mate shortlist. In the coming weeks, he might be releasing other big news.

Just recently, his campaign dropped another bombshell. They are revealing what they think of Nikki Haley’s future. And this prediction will send the GOP rival reeling.

After a two-year delay, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved a merger of Trump’s social network with an acquisition group called Digital World Acquisition Corporation.

This merger is worth an estimated $10 billion. This will allow Trump to take TRUTH Social public in an IPO. That can result in a massive boost to the company’s wealth. The former president will own around $79 million in shares of the business.

“In a compelling piece of live television, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was recently confronted by a COVID-19 vaccine injury victim during an unscripted question and answer session. Describing the pain and trauma he suffered, audience member John Watt told the Prime Minister how he had been left with no help at all after the vaccine caused him to develop a heart condition.

Tennessee Representative Andy Ogles appears to have kept money raised through a charitable GoFundMe event, making him the second freshman Republican member of Congress in hot water over dubious fundraising efforts.

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) was confronted by peace activists in Washington on Tuesday about the Israeli slaughter in Gaza and sparked an outcry for saying “kill ’em all” when asked about Palestinian children being killed with US support.

“I’ve seen the footage of shredded children’s bodies. That’s my taxpayer dollars that are going to bomb those kids,” an activist said to Ogles.

“I think we should kill ’em all, if that makes you feel better,” Ogles replied. “Everybody in Hamas.”

Farm lands in Ukraine have been appropriated by the US business, while the Ukrainians themselves have been turned by President Vladimir Zelensky into "expendable material," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

All those obnoxious pharmaceutical commercials that get laced into just about every television and cable “news” program that airs in the United States these days might seem like they are simply about selling more drugs and getting people hooked, but Big Pharma’s true agenda is actually much more sinister than that.