The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling on the authorities of the European Union (EU) to adopt the tenth package of sanctions against Russia as soon as possible. This is stated in a document published on the website of the EU legislative body.

In particular, the resolution calls for an immediate and complete embargo on the import of uranium, diamonds and any fossil fuels from Russia, as well as for the rejection of the future use of the Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines.

Russia had diverted most of its fuel oil and vacuum gasoil (VGO) exports to Asia and the Middle East even before the EU embargo on Russian petroleum products came into effect on February 5, according to data from traders and Refinitiv cited by Reuters.

Last month, the European Union took less than 5% of Russia’s fuel oil and VGO, with Greece, Latvia, and Italy importing small volumes of those products, according to the data.

Patriot missile batteries that Poland acquired from the U.S. last year have been deployed to the country’s capital Warsaw as part of military exercise, according to Poland’s defense ministry.

Poland is taking additional steps to strengthen its defensive capabilities as Russia’s war in neighboring Ukraine enters its second year later this month.

At least three ground-to-air missile launchers were seen Monday at Warsaw’s Bemowo airport.

Food prices in Sweden have recorded one of the largest hikes since food prices started rising almost a year ago, according to a new report, as European countries grapple with the rapidly worsening cost-of-living crisis.

Citing a survey conducted by price comparison site Matpriskollen, Swedish Television (SVT) reported on Monday that food prices rose by 1.4 percent in January, one of the largest monthly increases since inflation skyrocketed in the country in January 2022.

Vladimir Putin sent a stern warning to the West after NATO allies agreed to aid Ukraine with armoured tanks. The Russian leader warned he will "respond" to the decision with means other than tanks, hinting at an escalation of Russia's war on Ukraine.

Italy's Internet Restored After Nationwide Outage; Reports Of Global Ransomware Attack MikeRivero Mon, 02/06/2023 - 11:44

Network data from NetBlocks shows internet across Italy has mostly been restored after more than five hours of outages. 

A handful of top European Union officials gathered in Kiev with Ukraine's leadership on Friday under the sound of air raid sirens for a risky summit at a moment Ukraine is pushing to be fast-tracked for entry into the bloc. Though far from the front line fighting in the east and south, the capital has seen sporadic airstrikes over the past months, but none have been recorded thus far Friday while the summit is being held.

Victory or Valhalla: NATO troops in huge war games 80 miles fromRussia MikeRivero Mon, 02/06/2023 - 07:31

British soldiers are facing temperatures as low as -12 as they take part in Nato war games just 80 miles from Russia.

Flying in Chinook helicopters and charging round the snow-covered forests with tanks, the squaddies are ready for anything in the icy conditions of eastern Estonia.


On the vast military base, about the size of 15,000 football pitches, Brit troops along with other Nato forces, including the native Estonian army, have been building up for huge war games featuring heavy armour, helicopters, and rocket launchers.

The Russian government has claimed that NATO’s entire network of satellites, and more broadly the alliance’s entire military infrastructure, is working to support Ukraine’s war effort. "We see how NATO’s entire military infrastructure is working against Russia, and we see how NATO’s entire intelligence infrastructure, including reconnaissance aviation, and satellite groupings are working in the interests of Ukraine in a 24/7 mode," an official statement from the Kremlin alleged on February 1.