"A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks." -- Thomas Jefferson

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WATCH: Thousands of Illegal Aliens Ride Atop Freight Trains Hoping to Force Entry Into Texas MikeRivero Mon, 03/20/2023 - 14:40
Comer & Burlison Question Mayorkas Misleading Claims on Credible Fear Screenings at the Border MikeRivero Mon, 03/20/2023 - 12:59

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) and Congressman Eric Burlison (R-Mo.) are investigating misleading statements made by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claiming that the vast majority of illegal aliens released from DHS custody passed an initial threshold credible fear screening for asylum. According to DHS’ own data, this statement is misleading and creates a false narrative for how the Biden Administration processes and releases illegal border crossers into the United States.

Texas Senate Executes Power Move Passes Historic Bill to Combat Drug Plague MikeRivero Mon, 03/20/2023 - 12:04

Many Americans say it’s the biggest problem our country faces today: the fentanyl plague, which has already taken thousands of American lives.

Concerned citizens also believe the Biden administration hasn’t done enough to combat the epidemic, which critics say has exploded due to a seemingly endless border crisis.

But one border state has just taken action — and it should save many lives.

PARIS HAS GONE TO SHIT MikeRivero Mon, 03/20/2023 - 09:29
Sheriff Reveals How Cartels Have Taken Over Rural California MikeRivero Sun, 03/19/2023 - 15:29
FORMER AGENT: Whats In A Name? Why The Regime Wants To Drop Illegal Alien For Undocumented Noncitizen (!) MikeRivero Sun, 03/19/2023 - 08:00

When Peter Brimelow asked me to write about the Politically Correct drive to drop the term “illegal alien” in favor “undocumented immigrant” (increasingly, “migrant”) to describe someone who 

Analysis: Anchor Baby Population Far Exceeds One Year of U.S. Births MikeRivero Sun, 03/19/2023 - 07:18

The total population of United States citizen children born to illegal aliens now far exceeds one year of American births, a March analysis shows.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) analysis estimates that about 5.4 million “anchor babies,” the term used to describe the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens who are awarded birthright citizenship, reside across the nation.

Southern border agents arrested SIXTEEN people on the FBI's terror watchlist last month as illegal crossings rocket and fentanyl floods the US (while DOJ spends $50M 'doing nothing' with Trump's 20,000 wall panels) MikeRivero Sun, 03/19/2023 - 06:53

Southern border agents arrested sixteen people on the FBI's terror watchlist last month as border arrests are set to outpace record numbers encountered in the last year.

It brings the total number of encounters for the 2023 fiscal year to 69, which is on the trajectory to exceeding the 98 encounters made in the year prior.

Bidens Own Border Chief Blows Whistle on Joe He Just Told Lawmakers Border Patrol Does Not Have Operational Control MikeRivero Sat, 03/18/2023 - 11:33

I know talking about the border, at this point, makes us sound like a broken record. But the fact remains, Joe Biden has refused to protect one of our most vulnerable points of entry. The Southern border hasn’t been properly enforced since January 2021. How much damage do you think Biden’s open border has done to the country since then?

Boom: Trilateral Commission Declares 2023 is Year One of this new global order MikeRivero Sat, 03/18/2023 - 10:51

The Trilateral Commission’s 50th anniversary marks the culmination of its self-proclaimed “New International Economic Order”.  On March 12, the Trilateral Commission held its plenary meeting in New Delhi, India to discuss issues relating to globalization. Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Technetronic Era” has apparently officially arrived.