CBS has deleted its Grammy Awards tweet proclaiming “we are ready to worship” pop star Sam Smith’s Satan-themed performance after the post provoked widespread ridicule and accusations that the left-wing network engages in Satan worship.

On Sunday afternoon, Sam Smith tweeted rehearsal photos for what was eventually revealed to be a fire-and-brimstone-themed performance of his single “Unholy,” a collaboration with male-to-female transgender singer-songwriter Kim Petras.

“This is going to be SPECIAL,” Smith tweeted.

Nothing celebrates “excellence in the recording arts and sciences” like holding a black sabbath ritual in a sex dungeon, and the 65th Annual Grammy Awards did the hell out of it. Bullwhips, cages, transgenders andSatan worship, featuring the “physically grotesque,” nipple-pasties enthusiast Sam Smith and his “Unholy” musical offering.  

A recent episode of a Disney+ cartoon show has woke kids performing a skit around the theme “Slaves built this country.”

The installment of the “Proud Family” series — in which the kids find out the founder of their town was a slave owner — is a cartoon version of the 1619 Project, although the 1619 Project is cartoonish in its own right.

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Per Fox News, “‘In the Brandon Lee case, I was able to convince the DA in Wilmington, North Carolina not to indict,’ Brosnahan added. ‘And I think part of it was that these are supposed to be blanks; when they’re not, it’s scarce. And he thought, I think it was a sad, sad case, which of course it is.’”

The woke Disney company has once again proven its hateful, anti-American bias.

Woke Disney is teaching our children to be angry young communists, who hate themselves and hate their own country.

The second season of the reboot Disney+ animated series The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder premiered on February 1, just in time for Black History Month.

Jeff Lynne, the singer of Electric Light Orchestra, actually clarified the lyrics in 2012 during an episode of the BBC's the One Show, where he said: 'It actually says "Please turn me over", because it was the end of that side of the album,' he said at the time. 

I've got it wrong for more than 40 years.