“There are instruments so dangerous to the rights of the nation and which place them so totally at the mercy of their governors that those governors, whether legislative or executive, should be restrained from keeping such instruments on foot but in well-defined cases. Such an instrument is a standing army.”

- Thomas Jefferson, 1789

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 Texas Governor Greg Abbott shared a video on social media this week showing President Joe Biden’s Border Patrol cutting razor wire that the state of Texas had placed alongside on the Rio Grande to stop illegal aliens from flooding into the country.

 Former hedge fund executive Dave McCormick announced Thursday evening that he was launching another bid for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania as Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) becomes more vulnerable as a result of President Joe Biden’s failures as president.

Have you heard about the agreement that global leaders adopted at the United Nations during the “2023 SDG Summit” that was held earlier this week?  On Monday and Tuesday, officials from all over the world gathered in New York City to commit their nations to fully implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals over the next 7 years.  If you are not familiar with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, you can find them right here.  They are essentially a blueprint for how the globalists want the world to be run.  Just abo

 Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) unloaded Thursday on outgoing Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, panning a “puff piece” published by The Atlantic and adding, “His retirement couldn’t come soon enough.”

 Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is stitching together a Senate coalition to reverse the controversial decision to stop enforcement of the chamber’s dress code, which has been dubbed “The Fetterman Rule” in a nod to one member with a penchant for casual attire.

 The city of Chicago has signed a $29.4 million contract with a private security firm to move newly arrived illegal migrants to massive winterized camps with tents.

Biden Tells The Same Story, Almost Word For Word, Just Minutes After Telling It The First Time rishika Fri, 09/22/2023 - 12:00

 President Joe Biden told a story at a Manhattan campaign event, appearing completely oblivious to the fact that — just moments earlier — he had told the exact same story, almost word for word.

Audio of 911 call released in South Carolina F-35 crash: Weve got a pilot in the house unewsy Fri, 09/22/2023 - 11:23

F-35 pilot tells dispatcher that he ‘just rode a parachute down’ in Williamsburg County

2 arrested in drive-by shooting at New Mexico baseball stadium that killed 11-year-old boy: 'Innocent child' unewsy Fri, 09/22/2023 - 11:22

These cowards thought they were tough. They killed an innocent child,' says Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina