"Americans don't need to lie to themselves. That's what the government is for!" -- Michael Rivero

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The "wine trader" wooed her online for months with his flirtatious smile and emoji-sprinkled texts. Then he went for the kill, defrauding the Philadelphia-based tech professional out of $450,000 in a cryptocurrency romance scam.

The con -- which drained Shreya Datta, 37, of her savings and retirement funds while saddling her with debt -- involved the use of digitally altered deepfake videos and a script so sophisticated that she felt her "brain was hacked."

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been urged to implement tougher measures against attacks on retail workers.

Retail employees are also calling on the government to make assaulting or abusing retail workers a criminal offence, ensuring that all perpetrators are met with arrests, financial punishments, and in some cases, prison sentences.

UK children will now be protected from child sexual abuse as the Sunak government is planning to introduce tougher laws for child safety.

The UK Home Office announced stricter child abuse laws on February 21 which would be introduced in the Criminal Justice Bill in the House of Commons.

UK Home Secretary James Cleverly introduced new plans to enhance child safety in the UK and better protection from sexual predators on Wednesday.

SMASH HORROR Talented teen rally car driver, 15, and co-driver, 35, killed in horror crash during race after veering into ditch unewsy

A TEENAGER and his co-driver have been killed in a deadly rally sprint crash in New Zealand.

The pair who tragically died have been named as 15-year-old Brooklyn Horan, and Tyson Jemmett, 35.

Liz Truss Claims 'We Have Ten Years To Save The West' At CPAC 2024 MikeRivero

OH SNAP Shocking moment alligator chases after golfers causing buggy to swerve as fans say dinosaurs are coming for us unewsy

GOLF players were left horrified after their golf cart was attacked by an ALLIGATOR.

The incident took place in Florida, where the reptiles often frequent golf courses

EXTREME PROTEST Man who set himself on fire outside Israeli embassy in Washington DC is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries unewsy

 AN active-duty member of the US Air Force set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC on Sunday afternoon, said police.

The flames were extinguished by officers with the US Secret Service around 1 pm.

ON THE BRINK Surge in youngsters claiming mental health problems is major drag on economy, report warns unewsy

Bosses have turned to migrants to plug record vacancies

THE surge in youngsters claiming mental health problems is a major drag on the economy, a report warns today.