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Israeli Suffering Is Not Comparable To Palestinian Suffering MikeRivero

The mass media are once again pushing the narrative that Israel is “scaling back” its operations in Gaza, which as journalist Sana Saeed noted on Twitter is a claim they’ve been falsely making for months.

Gaza is simpler than Iraq. Iraq was simpler than Yemen. Yemen was simpler than Libya. Libya was simpler than Ukraine. Ukraine is simpler than Syria. Gaza is the simplest and most straightforward of all the evil interventions of the US murder machine in recent memory — which is why I’ve got no patience for anyone who gets it wrong.

We've lost. Truth must be told. The inability to admit it encapsulates everything you need to know about Israel's individual and mass psychology. There's a clear, sharp, predictable reality that we should begin to fathom, to process, to understand and to draw conclusions from for the future. It's no fun to admit that we've lost, so we lie to ourselves.

Dopey Republican pundits and politicians have begun claiming that Joe Biden has “abandoned Israel” and has fallen under the control of Hamas, because this is a presidential election year and everything needs to be ten times dumber than usual.

Donald Trump said on the campaign trail on Wednesday that “Any Jewish person that votes for a Democrat or votes for Biden should have their head examined,” saying of Biden, “He totally abandoned Israel.”

What did the White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby say after the 1 April Israeli murder of seven aid workers in Gaza, six of them foreigners? “We were outraged to learn of an IDF strike that killed a number of civilian humanitarian workers yesterday from the World Central Kitchen (WCK).”

More than 120 Palestinians have been killed and dozens more wounded in a single day after the Israeli military hit the war-torn Gaza Strip with airstrikes, the Palestinian health ministry says.

In a statement on Thursday, the ministry said that during the past 24 hours, 122 civilians were killed and 56 others sustained injuries after Israeli forces pounded different parts of the besieged Gaza Strip with airstrikes.

The deadly strikes were carried out on Eid al-Fitr, which marks the conclusion of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

World Central Kitchen (WCK) announced Wednesday that another of its workers was gravely injured in a separate Israeli airstrike in Gaza on 1 April, Anadolu news agency reported.

“Just 15 minutes before our convoy was repeatedly hit, one of our brave Palestinian staff members was gravely injured in a reportedly deadly airstrike at al-Bashir Mosque in Deir al-Balah,” the food charity said in a statement.

UN-coordinated food convoys are three times more likely to be denied access to north Gaza than other aid convoys, the UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA, reported on Tuesday. Israeli authorities have not given a clear reason why, said OCHA Spokesperson Jens Laerke, speaking during the regular briefing by UN humanitarian agencies in Geneva. 

They very often deny and that is it, and it ends there. We do not get an explanation,” he said. 

Today, the Palestinian movement for national liberation is more popular than ever before and the Palestinian Resistance remains steadfast.

Israel initiated its war on Gaza last October with two clear goals, neither of which have been achieved, while meanwhile they have suffered severe blows on the military, security, political, legal, economic and public relations fronts.

One expects that anyone involved in politics will lie whenever they think they can get away with it to burnish one’s own image and while also distorting reality to promote policies that are being favored. Nevertheless, the record of high crimes committed by a series of presidents and their top aides since the so-called “war on terror” began has established a new low for government veracity.