“There are no dangerous thoughts; thinking itself is a dangerous activity.”—Hannah Arendt

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Venezuelans are voting in a referendum Sunday to supposedly decide the future of a large swath of neighboring Guyana that their government claims ownership of, arguing the territory was stolen when a north-south border was drawn more than a century ago.

Venezuelans going to the polls Sunday will be asked to answer an unusually provocative question:

Should their government be given a blank check to invade neighboring Guyana, and wrest away three-quarters of its oil-rich territory?

The government of Nicolás Maduro is putting the query before voters, part of a century-old territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana that is raising tensions in the region and threatening to escalate into a shooting war.

US President Joe Biden’s administration has warned that it may soon halt sanctions relief for Venezuela unless the oil-rich nation makes more progress in meeting Washington’s demands for the release of “political prisoners” and detained American citizens.

Born in Sweden and raised in the United States, she enthralled audiences with her magnetic presence in the entertainment world.


But it wasn't just his acting ability that thrilled; It was her versatility – an actress, singer and dancer – that established her as an icon.


His singing and acting career has spanned seven decades, starting in 1961. Initially, she was presented as a female version of Elvis Presley.


In a move that has prompted many to wonder which is the bigger banana republic, Venezuela or the US, Joe Biden's new BFF, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro (who has promised to export a few barrels of oil to the US president - now that draining the SPR is no longer an option - to keep gas prices low ahead of the 2024 presidential election in exchange for sanction relaxation and defacto recognition by the White House that Maduro is the dictatorially "democratically" elected president of Venezuela, making a mockery of a decade of Western virtue-signaling sanctions),

 Step back in time, to a world where bell-bottom jeans were in vogue, and flower power reigned supreme. The 1960s and 1970s were a time of great change and cultural revolution, and we've discovered a treasure trove of vintage photographs that capture the essence of this exciting era. From funky fashion to groovy gigs, these images will take you on a trip down memory lane, and transport you to a time when life was a little more carefree.

She began her career on stage in the mid-1950s, before landing her breakthrough role in the 1958 drama film God's Little Acre, for which she received a Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year.


Tina was born in New York City to a fashion model mother and a candy store owner father. She grew up in a diverse environment, being exposed to different cultures due to her Russian, Italian, and Irish heritage.


President-elect Javier Milei traveled to New York City together with "a protégé of George Soros" and donned a kippah to visit the grave of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson for his first foreign trip after his surprise victory.

On Sunday, the populist Austrolibertarian Javier Milei was elected president of Argentina. In the United States, the reaction ranged from concerned curiosity on the part of the political establishment to enthusiastic celebration across the populist Right—including, notably, some economic nationalists.