"For any government to prevail in war,the young men and women on the front lines must know the nation they fight for is worth the risk to life and limb. Our present generation knows the opposite." -- Michael Rivero

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An eyewitness said she saw three white guys with big athletic builds do the shooting at San Bernardino.

How did that turn into two small-framed, dark-skinned people, one of whom was a 90-pound woman?

“An unidentified source told an NPR journalist that witnesses appeared to recognize Farook by his voice and build.”

That’s all the evidence that exists against the couple who was blamed for the attack.

Let’s break this down…

Although exorcism may often be associated with horror movies and the distant past, it remains a practice in the Catholic Church today. Father Gabriel Amorth, the Vatican's former chief exorcist, served in this role for an impressive 60 years and is estimated to have performed approximately 160,000 exorcisms during his tenure. It is worth noting that the exorcism ritual is not limited to Father Amorth alone; Various Popes throughout history have also performed exorcisms.

The picture "Soviet Flag on the Reichstag" is full of symbolism and represents a historical moment. Built in 1894, the Reichstag's architecture was magnificent for its time.


The building contributed greatly to German history and the Red Army considered it a symbol of its enemy. The Soviets finally captured the Reichstag on 2 May 1945.


In an era of political rigidity, the women of the Soviet Union discovered a remarkable way of infusing a distinctive charm into style, creating a unique and surprisingly beautiful fashion.


In previous generations, fashion was not a focal point for Soviet thinkers and was often seen by these circles as an "anomaly in socialism".


However, at the turn of the Second World War, during the Khrushchev Thaw, officials became aware of fashion as a 'natural force' in society; Especially as more women became interested in wearing nice clothes.


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 Born on October 25, 1881 in the picturesque city of Málaga, Spain, Picasso emerged as a prodigy who left an indelible mark on the art world. His journey through the decades was no less than a rollercoaster, involving innovation, experimentation and a constant pursuit of creative expression. We'll witness the evolution of Picasso's talent, from the colorful streets of Barcelona to the bustling art scene of Paris, as we delve deeper into the extraordinary life and prolific work of this iconic artist.


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